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About me


George Pan






My nickname are all in Greek language and don’t know how to express them in English. One recent fun-nickname that started from the first day I joined T651 team was King-George (ask Rudi hehe)


I was/am a math lover, so when I saw first time poker in TV and saw that numbers like odds, equities etc I thought it would be fun to explore it and try it! So I started playing in the begin freerolls and after few days I deposit my first money and keep on playing. So the feelings that poker can bring and also the math theory behind it, was the main reason I started playing poker!


Every day can be perfect and we should try to make our every next day as perfect as possible! The perfect day for I would say would contain for sure great company, a nice place and really good mood to have fun! (I guess alcohol would also could be a good add on to the perfect day :P).


Jazz, Lounge


Alexander Dumas – The Count of Monte Cristo – (I loved that book, it was one of my first books and the story-plot was really amazing. Everyone who have watched the movie and liked it I definitely recommend to read the book too. It’s really worth it and its really interesting)

Dan Brown- Da Vinci Code (Great book, I liked a lot that every time I finished a chapter the curiosity didn’t let me leave the book and read it later. I read it in 1.5 days and it was really keeping me in curiosity of what will happen later)


I have so many places that I want to visit. My dream travel though would be New York which i plan to visit till 2018 for sure! I have seen and heard so many things about New York and I would love to feel and live them! Obviously another place would be Las Vegas and I think everyone here can understand the reason  And also Cuba, Tokyo to see different culture and way of living!


My country (Greece) is really interesting country! I guess most will know about the huge history we have (Athens, Crete, Macedonia–Parthenon, Alexander the Great) so if you are a history lover its number one place to visit. Also there are so many islands that you can find in every island some thing different (ie party-Mykonos, sick sunset – Santorini,) amazing waters in all of the islands and really great food (not just mousaka, tzatziki and souvlaki, hehe)


I think you should change the word “lottery” and put Jackpot!  I would help my family firstly, then some of my closest friends. I would buy a new house and a car! Would invest some money on some projects that I have on my mind and for sure will keep some money to travel worldwide!


I am the most proud about the relationships I have with most people. I have few very close friends and many people that i know! I mostly have with most people good relationship and in all the jobs/partnerships we had good start and ever better finish by respect each other and keep contact (there will be some exceptions of course but there are really insignificant).


At the moment I would say poker, I learn every day new concepts and try to become as much better as possible. I met a great team in 651 and I have big motivation to keep studying and playing. Beside poker I would say travelling and also learn some programming things!


My biggest strength in poker is that I try my worst period of results to extract the most value I can. I start re-evaluate my play, checking the mistakes I probably do and find better counter strategies and understand some concepts better! So if I run very bad I try to balance it with a great response and that for me is to try harder!


My biggest weakness is that I realise that as a time passed I cant grind in the same way i was! I try to find a way to improve so hope one day I’ll be able to handle it better!


My biggest regret is that I didn’t finish university in time and it took me few more years!


I would travel way more, start playing a poker way way earlier! And beside that I think nothing else!


 That’s very creepy to answer!


I have few funny stories that were mostly from the time I was in university as a student! Some of poker stories would be when I play with friends some small live games and troll them when they lose big hand or bluff them and show them for fun hands and they are steaming for a second but afterwards we laugh all together, or when someone goes for a while to do something and he is off the table and we give him on purposes huge holdings and everyone folds on purpose to him! Non-poker is way more stories, and that section isn’t the best to share them


In general, I think my answers were enough to understand what kind of type I am! So if anyone needs any help or just add me feel free to do it in Skype. Have fun and see you in tables crushers!