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About me








Facebook: SP Wubblesnitch


Wubbsy, Das Wübblepiggen, Fishreg, Waste of Space, Poor Excuse for a Human (mum’s fave <3)


Was working a 9-5 in early 2015 that had stagnated and I wasn’t enjoying the work anymore. Was grinding $30 HUSNGs on the side when $30 spins came out and more than doubled my hourly overnight. Decided to take a punt on going pro! Went broke almost straight away, had 24 losing days in my first 24 days, went to Jason with my hands out begging for a dollar and here I am!


Wake up, spin the milball, ship it ONETIME, take a break to throw a ball to my cat, spin another milly (bink again, shock) then close out the day with a nice footy game and look at some beach pics on Jack’s FB (don’t tell him tho) 


Hip-Hop, Grime, Dubstep (and Chillstep – top grind tip right thurr) and recently BAD-J0HN has got me into some obscure underground Austrian folk music which has definitely broadened my horizons



The Obstacle is the Way: Read this recently, made me realise how absurdly negative and flawed my thought patterns are, I’ve genuinely been a much happier person since completing this gem and I feel infinitely better about poker with way less stress. Would legit recommend to anyone and everyone

Mersenneary HUSNG eBook: when I started learning how to win at poker, this was my first point of reference and it rapidly transformed my style from ‘click that button, see what happens’ to ‘ok what is the best play here?’. Truly outstanding text (free too :p) and is still extremely relevant for anyone playing for a living

Goosebumps: Sh*t was fire when I was a kid



Rudi’s brain. No explanation necessary



It rains 366 days a year

Oh and no tax for poker players skrrrrrraa pat pat clat clat clat


Secure the future of all my family members and a few friends, give a bunch to charity and go on at least 13 ski holidays a year. Also take Kyle to Canada and have a Chipotle with Jase (again)



In my professional life I would say my transition from absolutely useless $0.25 HU fish to $100 spin reg – I was not a natural talent in any sense of the word, had zero intuition for the game and was not a math guy, but despite working full-time I put in a sick amount of hours studying and grinding because I loved the game. I’ve never had to move down stakes and I continue to work hard to ensure it stays that way.

Away from poker I would say my family, my fiance (the ballbuster), my soon-to-be stepkids, every animal I have ever owned (or owned me) and Enzo Dmitri.


Again my family, my second family AKA Team651 (number 1 poker team on the planet! Apply today!) and football (Man United, thanks for asking). I’ve always invested an absurd amount of time into playing and wanted to be a professional but was far too slow, short and weak to get anywhere near a decent level. Poker really fills that hole (that’s what she said) in as far as I compete for a living which ultimately was my dream 




Ability to communicate with different types of people

Humility – I haven’t developed much of an ego despite being the best in the world at everything I have ever tried

Sarcasm (see above. Banter)



Banter (see above)

Tilt – I’ve always had mental game issues despite being very laid back and placid in real life; I have several triggers that historically have greatly diminished my ability to grind long hours and it’s cost me big-time at the tables, as well as ruining my mood away from them. I work overtime on my mental game and consider myself very solid these days in this regard, but it takes daily maintenance and if I begin slipping in that sense, the evils of this disease creep back in very quickly. It takes precious little time to fall apart but 10x the time to pull yourself back together… I learned this the hard way sadly. I have set myself a goal to be the 2nd best mental-game player in poker (I will never push Jack off 1st) and am happy to bring anyone along with me on this journey from monkey to monk

Multitabling – I simply cannot replicate my game over more than 2-3 tables, but again it’s something I really aim to work on moving forward

Height – I really am pretty short. It’s very tilting (#triggers)


I used to regret missing the glory years in poker… A friend told me in 2006 after I downloaded Party Poker that it was impossible to make money from the game and that even the pros actually lose overall. I lost interest and went to uni, drank for three years straight and spent probably thousands of hours playing Mario Kart. I wasted a lot of time thinking about which colour Lambo I’d be driving if my boy hadn’t fed me these lies.

I now realise that it probably worked out for the best; I got a degree, worked a great career for five years and I may not have met my fiance if I had gone down the other route. These days I shun the notion of regret and focus my attention on the things I can impact moving forward



Address my tilt issues from day one, eat less sweets as a kid and not try bluff-jam Enzo off top pair. Still proud of him though



‘I told you I was sick’



So I very nearly spun the milly once! It was a crisp November evening; I had just started my grind and… Never mind



Perspiration ting