What do you desire?

We have the tools and knowledge to help you win at poker and life! Question is, are you committed, ready and willing to put in the hard work?

Since we want to provide you the highest quality of coaching (1v1, and small group coaching), and mentorship, we only have in our high stakes group.

More than just poker staking More than just poker staking More than just poker staking

Hi and welcome to Team651! Even though we are among the highest winrate players today, our main goal is to change people’s lives. Our mission is to revolutionize the staking industry and create communities of players that work together to become the best versions of themselves.

Our deals Our deals Our deals

EV DEALS starting at 10k games. NO MAKEUP. NO VARIANCE! The days of being in makeup and stressing about downswings are over. 

Meet the team Meet the team Meet the team

We’re not coaches and backers who used to be top players, we’re coaches and backers who are top players!

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Over 400 hours of videos 

Testimonials Testimonials Testimonials

Who we are looking for Who we are looking for Who we are looking for

We are looking for ambitious, driven, hardworking poker players who are committed to excellence and continuous learning and who has a burning desire to make it to the $500s and to be the best in the world at Spin & Go’s. You should want to be the absolute ideal version of yourself both on and off the tables. You need to not only be willing, but hungry to put in the consistent work that is required to achieve success at the highest level. Our team values trust, accountability, and communication highly, along with the intense desire to improve yourself every day. 

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