Team651 is happy to present a list of resources to assist you in your development as a poker player. The resources are available to everyone on the team and we encourage everyone to take full advantage of the exciting tools on offer.


Jack runs three sessions weekly, Monday & Friday for Spin & HUSNG players @ $100s+. There is one session, Wednesday that is exclusively for players playing $500s+. The sessions all take place at 11 am EST/4 pm UK time, and all players at each relevant stake are entitled to sign up for as many sessions as they choose, and players are strongly advised to attend all sessions.

Team651 has five coaches available for 1-1 coaching. Each coach has their own area of expertise, and players are encouraged to use as many coaches as possible in order to perfect each are of their game and performance.


Team 651’s Vimeo channel is the stuff of legend. With over 300 hours of material focussing on Spins, HUSNGs and MTTs, there is a wealth of information for you to delve into in your off-table study. The videos, orchestrated primarily by head-honcho Jackstack99, are designed to be engaging and visually appealing, with a very strong focus on detail and deep thought-processes. To access the videos, please follow Team651 on your account; once you have done so, we will follow back and you will have access to all the material. We advise that all viewers take notes when watching videos and review them at a later date for maximal information retention.


All players will have access to our cutting-edge online server that houses several resources. At the forefront of these resources is the vaunted GTO program PIOsolver Edge, with almost every scenario in HUSNG and Spins under 25bb already solved and available instantly for review. The simulations are instantly accessible thanks to the ground-breaking ‘PIOviewer’ tool, pioneered by 651’s chief technical strategist BAD-J0HN. The server also contains Flopzilla, GTO Trainer and a number of other tools. 


There is a number of specific Skype groups for all our players to discuss strategy, post hands (BOOM is preferred format) or to simply talk about events both related to poker and outside of the game. We ask that strategy groups are used for strategy only, whilst other groups such as the lounges are available for all other topics. You will be automatically added to the relevant Skype groups by Jason & Rudi, however if you would like to be added to any other groups (different formats etc.) or feel like you may not have been added to any groups, please feel free to contact either person on Skype.

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