Why us

We have created the most effective learning environment possible for motivated players to maximize their potential.

We have all dedicated and committed ourselves to ensure that our players have all the resources and support to develop and grow into their full potential, to take their game and life to entirely new levels and to achieve anything they dream of. Nothing beats the feeling of when a player comes to us and lets us know how strong of an impact we have made on them.

We are exclusive

We value personal interaction and small group collaboration. You are one of a few, not one of hundreds, and we personalize every plan to give you the best opportunity to reach your goals and dreams. You will never feel that you are just another faceless horse in our stable and instead will be treated with the attention and care that you deserve as a player and a human being.

We care

We offer our team the support needed to achieve their goals and we strive to go above and beyond with how we help. We believe there is more to life than poker. Our view is that playing poker professionally should be used as a tool to create the freedom to do as you desire, not something undertaken to aimlessly chase money just because you can.

First and foremost we are a TEAM. Everybody in the team is there to help each other and enjoy the experience of growing and playing together. Our goal is to create an environment where candidates with the raw potential and grinding work ethic are handed the tools, knowledge and all the resources at our disposal to fulfill their goals and dreams.